Etsy Brings Digital Downloads to Listings

If you are an inspiring digital artist, or an established one, you will find a free service offered by Etsy to host your artwork for other to procure on checkout! What a great asset!
We are continually working hard to offer more exclusive items in our digital mixed media collage that brings conception to reality. Etsy is making it possible with our new buyer tools.
I am excited to say that I have taken advantage of the small listings that I have to offer. With a limit of five photos, I can now offer five items for my buyers to immediately enjoy the artwork they purchase.
Whether commercial or personal use, for scrapbookers, photographers, project life journal cars, print on demand, my audience now has it all with one click.. Come visit out shop at
You will be amazed at the small packs, small price, and small effort it takes to buy digitally on Etsy!! Way to go! Keep innovating, and I will keep motivating to make more art!



Digital Mixed Media Collages Especially for You: Free Digital Scrapbooking Elements

If you are coming across my pivotal presence online, and discovering my web thoughts for the first time, we welcome you. Please consider adding us to your favorite blogs and come back by more often for some great artistic freebies and tutorials.
Exciting adventures await us as we continue to grow in the wonder of mixed media together. For your consideration, I have created a sweet folder that I will fill with downloadable art. If you would like to connect yourself to it, please follow the link and pick amongst the treasures.
All of the digital collages are for your personal or commercial use. Let us all thrive here. If you love what you find, leave a comment or pass along our web blog information to others who may enjoy as well. If you use our designs in your finished products, please post a photo or link to it in our comment section. I love to see the uses of my layouts in your products.
The sky is the limit, and with that being said… “Let’s soar!”


Gotta have more?
GreyLion on Etsy


Digital Mixed Media Design

We are artists that perfect digital mediums such as Photoshop, Illustrator, iPad Apps for purposes of creating artwork that can be immediately used in all facets of life.
It is our art that has instant gratification, that can be molded into whatever wills the audience.

It takes into consideration elements of prior history, it up-cycles the materials, it treasures them in collections and it finds a commonality to create around.

Every Digital Mixed Media Design is different, unique and perceived as conceptual. It is powerful, it is intimate, it is visual poetry. The art is limitless, and the works are a fascinating spell that the audience is continuing to capture in different contexts.

It is an emotional movement, it is unique to the creator, yet personal to the owner. Mixed Media implies the use of old or new, color, and the layout of elements to suggest the window into the emotional world that is art.

We welcome you to experience the works and techniques of GreysLion design. You will find that our conversations will be available on all of your social networking sites, so choose your favorite, and follow us along the way as we make Digital Collage Mixed Media Art & Design a recognized artistic media.